About WooLetter

WooLetter was born out of necessity.

Running a WooCommerce store, selling digital software products that we made ourselves, we were busy. In fact, we were barely-sleeping busy. (A state of living that no human should exist in for too long!)

…But we new that despite our busy business, which was making some money, the WooCommerce technology was still evolving. People, (Competitors), were no doubt absorbing the latest ways to sell with Woo, and would surely catch up or overtake us!

This wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

In all business there needs to be balance. Good, long-lasting business (so we read in business media), takes a balance between shrewd hard-work, and savvy research and innovation.

Now we’ve hired to help our business grow (and our minds calm down!), and we are finding better balance between doing and learning everyday.

WooLetter is a bi-product of this internal company evolution. We now know what the best WooCommerce articles are each week, because we have a process. For the good of all, we’re sharing that process here.

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