WooLetter #12

How to reorder posts in WordPress and WooCommerce (kinsta.com)
By default WordPress sorts posts in reverse chronological order (from newest to oldest), or rather by the date they were published. This works for most publishers, but there are situations in which you might need to reorder them.

MailChimp for WooCommerce: Holiday tips (woocommerce.com)
Holiday marketing plans under way? Have a quick look at these few tips from the WooCommerce blog to see what else you can add to spice up your online store offers this winter, rated from low to high amounts of effort required.

WooCommerce Category SEO: Best practices for Product Category Pages (monsterinsights.com)
Having properly optimized category pages and brand pages can get you high rankings for the keywords you’re targeting. In this guide, you’ll find out how to optimize your WooCommerce category pages for improving your SEO.

Best CRM software for WooCommerce stores (learnwoo.com)
As your business grows, customer relationship management becomes key to maintaining and boosting sales. Thinking of getting a CRM or switching to a better one? Here’s a few of the best integrated CRM solutions out there.

New WooCommerce Plugins
Custom CSS Pages, Products, Accounts and Categories
Colours and Swatches for Variations
Advanced Tabs

New WooCommerce Theme
Tote – WordPress WooCommerce Theme

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