WooLetter #2

How to take payments without accepting credit cards (woocommerce.com)
Some alternatives to accepting credit card payments, especially if you’re selling internationally, why these other forms of payment are important and how they could boost your sales.

Add frontend submission for WooCommerce (wedevs.com)
A quick guide on how to add a frontend submission form for vendors, when your store hosts products for third parties.This can help reduce complexity and increase security, among others.

selectWoo – An accessible replacement for select2 (woocommerce.com)
The select2 library allows you to add full-featured, good-looking dropdown menus to your site. This has been improved in a new release, selectWoo, a backwards-compatible, drop-in replacement for select2.

WooCommerce in Botswana: An interview with Ziigie.com (woocommerce.com)
A great piece of insight into starting a marketplace for artisanal products in Southern Africa, the main challenges and the main advantages of a setting up a WooCommerce store. Also, how to deal with customers’ reluctance to pay by credit card.

New WooCommerce Plugins

Interactive Product Designer for WordPress / WooCommerce
WooCommerce Customer History
RO WooCommerce

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