WooLetter #22

What’s the best hosting for a WooCommerce website? (businessbloomer.com)
Answer: there is no ‘best’ hosting. It all depends on your specific needs. Having said that, this hosting provider ticks a lot of boxes.

Link WooCommerce product to an existing newer version (remicorson.com)
It might work best for digital products, as there are always newer versions being released. This piece of code can help you link newer versions to older pages.

How to export products (yithemes.com)
This week’s brief tutorial is on exporting information from your WooCommerce website. It’s recommended that you do this regularly to backup your data.

Notify admin when new account is created (themelocation.com)
If you want to get the personalised marketing going from day one, this little trick will help you keep on top of new customers’ accounts.

New WooCommerce Plugins
Social Messengers
Product Loops
Adyen Payment Gateway

New WooCommerce Theme
Soma – Creative WooCommerce Theme

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