WooLetter #4

WooCommerce 3.2 Beta is here! (woocommerce.com)
On August 30th, the beta version for WooCommerce 3.2 was launched. You can now add and remove coupons from orders and enjoy using SelectWoo, the new version of select2 (improvement we’ve touched upon in our Issue #2), amongst others.

Reflected XSS bug patched in popular WooCommerce plugin (threatpost.com)
Some more technical news, a popular WooCommerce plugin has been patched against a reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability. The bug could be used by third parties to gain higher privileges by hijacking a vendor’s active session.

How to set up grouped products in WooCommerce (bobwp.com)
This week we’re bringing a quick run through on how to create grouped products in your WooCommerce store, such as for example, external hard drives with different storage options.

Beyond amazon and AliBaba: what’s next for e-commerce? (techcrunch.com)
A naturally arising question, with Chinese and American online retailers reaching giant proportions. Read on for a few insightful tips on online consumer trends to help e-commerce startups.

New WooCommerce Plugins

Measurement Price Calculator
Simple Exit Modal
Product FAQs

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