WooLetter #9

14 Quick tips when choosing a WordPress theme for your online store (bobwp.com)
Whether you’re just setting up your online store, or you’re revamping your existing one, here’s a quick checklist to assist you in choosing the best theme to suit your needs. For a minimalist touch, check out our suggestion below.

A look at WooCommerce 3.2 (bobwp.com)
Also from BobWP, a clearly illustrated run through of the most important updates released with WooCommerce 3.2. We’ve touched on this topic before, but here it is explained with before and after shots.

How to setup Facebook Pixel on WordPress and WooCommerce stores (wisdmlabs.com)
Another piece of digital wisdom that’ll get your marketing budget stretch that bit further. Use Facebook Pixel with your WordPress/WooCommerce store to target visitors on your site and increase conversion rates.

Don’t follow the leader: Avoid these 5 common SEO mistakes (searchengineland.com)
We end our bi-weekly morsel with these SEO faux pas that every online merchant should avoid for the benefit of their purse, wherever they might place themselves on the scale of zero to non-zero-sum games.

New WooCommerce Plugins
Subscriptions For WooCommerce
Product Image Watermark
Spin a Sale

New WooCommerce Theme
Pineapple – Minimal WooCommerce Theme

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